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About the partnership with V8

V8 Architects designed the Netherlands pavilion and acted as creative director to incorporate techniques, innovations and art into the concept, both technically as well as aesthetically. 

Offering visitors a complete sensory experience of the Dutch theme ‘uniting water, energy and food’ in a sustainable and circular way. That is what V8 Architects wanted to achieve with the design of the Netherlands pavilion. Besides focusing on what people see, appealing to other senses was also key. Letting the visitors feel, hear, smell and taste the theme; giving them goose bumps.

The concept: a temporary, circular climate system; a biotope in the desert in which water is harvested from the air, energy is collected from the sun and edible plants and oyster mushrooms are grown. Built with locally rented sheet piles, on the inside finished with bio-based and reusable materials. Which will all be returned or given a new purpose after the EXPO ends.

For the implementation, V8 looked for Dutch innovations in the field of water, energy and food. And what emerged was an inspiring, cross-sector collaboration. Cross-pollination back and forth to design the technical innovations and to integrate them into the pavilion design in such a way that it feels only natural that the energy is generated sustainably and the materials are circular. Dutch artists complete the sensory experience of the story.

About the company

V8 Architects is an architectural firm based in Rotterdam that was founded in 2011 by Rudolph Eilander and Michiel Raaphorst. The firm is known for its characteristic architectural solutions for complex projects. Its solutions always tell the story of their surroundings and add value. Its designs are driven by awareness of contemporary challenges.

V8 Architects has a dedicated team that works on commercial projects, homes, public buildings and infrastructure in an international context at various scales. The Netherlands pavilion is an outstanding example of a public building with a future-oriented approach. It is the result of a cross-sector collaboration with young innovations to show concrete solutions for fundamental issues such as water scarcity, food security and the increasing demand for energy.

Click here for V8’s website or to get in touch with them. 

Copyright images: V8 / Jeroen Musch

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