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Tomatoworld: a multidimensional experience of the Dutch horticulture sector

Tomatoworld is an information and education centre in Honselersdijk in the heart Westland, a major region for greenhouse horticulture in the Netherlands. How are we going to feed 9 billion mouths in 2050? Tomatoworld highlights the value of the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector and the global contributions it can make.

A multidimensional experience

Tomatoworld is a WOW (World of Welcome) experience open to all kinds of visitors, from companies, to schools and policymakers. The centre takes visitors on a guided tour from seed to tomato. Through a multidimensional experience visitors can see, hear, taste, feel, smell and learn all about greenhouse horticulture in the Netherlands. The centre also has a greenhouse with over 80 different tomato varieties.

Making connections

Tomatoworld is all about sharing knowledge, creating discussion and generating new ideas. The centre connects companies and organisations from the sector with each other and with visitors so that they can create new insights, solutions and innovations together. Besides European partnerships, Tomatoworld is now also collaborating with an Asian business: CAU Futong. This high-tech company, part of the China Agricultural University, aims to contribute to improved food security in China. The centre also offers teaching programmes and actively shares knowledge of the Dutch horticulture greenhouse sector on social media.

Contact information

visit@tomatoworld.nl, +31 (0)17 461 2525

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