As Expo Champion they will inspire and inform Dutch companies

Today we introduce two new Expo Champions in the run-up to the World exhibition Expo 2020 Dubai: Mrs. Manon Janssen (CEO Ecorys) and Mrs. Meiny Prins (CEO Priva). Two senior executives in the fields of renewable energy, and sustainable food production.

As Expo Champion they will inspire and inform Dutch companies about the opportunities that the Gulf region and Expo 2020 offer. At the same time, they will showcase Dutch innovations in the fields of energy and food.

“Together with the Expo Champions, Minister Sigrid Kaag – as chef d’equipe – and Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, they are a strong and inspiring team to represent the Netherlands in the fields of water, energy and food at the Expo 2020 Dubai,” said Dutch commissioner-general for Expo 2020 Dubai, Hans Sandee.

Manon Janssen
“Unlike the current coronavirus crisis, climate change and the energy transition are chronic crises. Especially now, we must not give up on our goals. Instead, we must use the current crisis to accelerate the change in how we source, transport and use energy. This is only possible by working together. None of us can do this alone. Together, we can – and will – succeed. That is why contributing to the Expo 2020 Dubai is so important. Here we can connect, share our knowledge and work together in making the needed changes.”

Manon Janssen is not only CEO of Ecorys, she is also champion of the Dutch energy sector. More about Manon and her work in the biography.

Meiny Prins
“Even though The Netherlands is a small country we are able to produce more food than we need. From a bird’s eye perspective you can see our country as one big city, with an integrated green belt of healthy and safe food production. We want to inspire other big cities in the world by showing that an integral approach for sustainable food production will stimulate entrepreneurship and social cohesion and will create a green living environment. Changing the way we produce and transport food will kick-start the circular economy and stop food waste altogether. Participating in the Expo gives Dutch businesses a chance to share their expertise and make new connections and approach food-production in a different and more sustainable way.”

More about Meiny and her work, including her recent documentary on ‘Sustainable Urban Delta’ in the biography.

UAE companies have shown a growing interest in exploring opportunities in the Netherlands. Economic ties between the Netherlands, the UAE, and the rest of the Gulf region are strong, particularly with respect to trade and scientific exchange. EXPO 2020 Dubai offers exciting opportunities to deepen these longstanding ties, drive positive change, and showcase innovative solutions that integrate water, energy and food.

EXPO 2020 Dubai
The Dutch pavilion will be launched in the autumn 2021. The pavilion is devoted entirely to innovation in the areas of water, energy and food. Dutch businesses, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations possess specific knowledge and expertise in these areas, meaning they can play an important role in finding solutions that will contribute to a more sustainable planet. Expo 2020 and the Dutch pavilion will be open to visitors from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

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