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Join the Netherlands team and be a part of our unique Biotope in the middle of the desert of Dubai. We are... Read More → We are hiring!

Deputy Pavilion Director (40h/week)


We are hiring! As our Deputy Pavilion Director, you will be responsible for the overall quality, organization... Read More → Deputy Pavilion Director (40h/week)

Communication Advisor (40h/week)


We are hiring! We are looking for an experienced and dynamic Communications Advisor (40 hours/week) in the... Read More → Communication Advisor (40h/week)

Financial Controller (40h/week)


We are hiring! As our Financial Controller, you will be responsible for managing accounting records,... Read More → Financial Controller (40h/week)

Hospitality Supervisors (40h/week)


We are hiring! As a Hospitality Supervisor, you will manage the hosts and hostesses at the Netherlands... Read More → Hospitality Supervisors (40h/week)

Kitchen Helping Hands (40h/week)


We are hiring! As a Kitchen Helping Hand, you will assist line cooks by completing food preparation tasks in... Read More → Kitchen Helping Hands (40h/week)

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