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With “oddities”, Yvon Smeets questions the relationship we have with the objects we use and surround ourselves with. As a designer, she usually feels a deeper connection with most objects than just the function for which they are intended. Each of them has a story to be told, which is overlooked in every-day life. The emotional value of contemporary products is decreasing, just because they are often mass produced with the idea that they are easily replaceable. This reinforces a loss of caring for our belongings even more. For this collection, Smeets was inspired by the following quote:

“Sometimes, when I grab a cup from my cabinet, I will grab one that’s in the back and never gets used because I think the cup feels depressed that it isn’t fulfilling its life of holding liquids.”

The sense of guilt described herein prompted Smeets to design a collection of products that feel animated and require certain affection. What does a world look like in which products wish to be cared for? “Oddities” consists of a series interior products in ceramics, with functionality in second place. By playing with recognizable figurative elements such as fur, clothing and limbs, the objects invoke emotional interest through our tendency to take care of what is dear to us. The designer’s goal is to question function and the way we interact with objects.



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