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Every year 180.000 tons of toilet paper is flushed down the toilets of the Netherlands. This equals 180.000 trees. The Dutch Water Authorities are reclaiming valuable energy and raw materials from wastewater and one of those raw materials is used toilet paper (cellulose). Studio Nienke Hoogvliet designed several products with this material to create a positive association with this particular cellulose. Hoogvliet combined the reclaimed and cleaned toilet paper with brass elements to show that, despite coming from the sewer, the pulp has great value. The collection includes unique, handmade products ranging from a large dining table to a collection of bowls. Using this cellulose again, not only means that we need to cut down fewer trees, it makes the process of cleaning the water require less energy as well.

This project is a development on Hoogvliet’s previous experiments with turning algae into yarn and using seaweed in a range of tables and chairs.



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