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As a material designer, Lionne van Deursen frequently experiments with living organisms. In her research project ‘Imperfect perfection’, microbes are used to grow biological fabrics. The material is created by bacteria spinning fibres of cellulose and has leather-like qualities. Van Deursen copied the closed circular system in which living organisms grow in. The material that resulted out of this approach, can be used as a substitute for conventional materials. Although it resembles leather, this bacteria-made fabric has imperfections that sets it apart from leather made from animal skins.

With the focus on production methods, tactile and aesthetic characteristics such as colour, texture and transparency, the imperfections of this material form the basis for new material solutions. Studio Lionne van Deursen developed a collection of biological fabrics dyed with natural pigments. The collection contains a variety of different colours, texture and transparency.



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