The Netherlands is well-known for its love of sports. Football is the most popular sport, with field hockey and volleyball as the second and third most popular team sports. Tennis, cycling, ice skating and gymnastics are the four most widely practised individual sports. The sports sector is working towards a sustainable future, which will be showcased in our supporting programme.

Saving energy

In the Netherlands, there are various initiatives promoting sustainability in the sports sector. For example, the Royal Dutch Football Association started De Groene Club (The Green Club), an organisation that helps amateur sports clubs save energy. The initiative is open to clubs in all sporting disciplines, from football to table tennis. The programme starts with an energy scan, identifying where the club can save energy. For example, clubs can switch to LED lighting or water-saving shower heads. De Groene Club then helps the sports club request quotes from electricity providers. As a result, the club can save both energy and money, on average up to €7,000 per year! De Groene Club aims to help at least 300 clubs in the next few years.

Healthier food

A few years ago, the Dutch government initiated an agreement focused on the prevention of obesity, alcoholism and smoking. As part of this agreement, various organisations work together to promote healthy eating at sports clubs. At these clubs, traditional fried foods are being replaced by healthier alternatives. So the sports sector fits in perfectly with our theme of water, energy and food. 

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