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Since food and materials became industrialised, consumers have been alienated from the source, content and use of animal-based materials, says Shahar Livne. Her project The Meat Factory investigates this dissonance people have with food on their plates and the living animals, as well as raw materials and processed materials. Inspired by the days when every single part of a killed animal was used (“nose to tail” attitude),

The Meat Factory runs a series of experiments to turn animal waste into new materials. For instance: when animals are slaughtered on an industrial scale, plenty of blood is produced which is seen as a by-product. Livne developed ‘blood ink’ – 100% dried blood collected from waste streams of slaughterhouses in The Netherlands – and adapted it for various dying techniques such as screen-printing.

In addition, the designer turned fat and bones into “bio-leather”, that was used for a pair of sneakers. Rubber and plastic-like materials are other results of Livne’s experiments with animal waste. By upcycling leftovers from animal-based industries, Livne wants to make a point for more tolerance and open-minding thinking, as well as highlight the disrespectful treatment of animals and animal resources.



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