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Ap Verheggen – Sunglacier

Designer Ap Verheggen & SunGlacier Technologies developed the solar-powered rain shower ‘SunGlacier’, a Dutch innovation that allows us to harvest hundreds of liters water at our pavilion every day. The sustainable solar-powered water-from-air technology makes it possible in the future to produce food without being dependent on rainfall, rivers or other traditional water sources. The ‘SunGlacier’ technology will extract hundreds of litres of water daily from the desert air. The water will be purified using a distinctive, innovative method.

Marjan van Aubel – Stained glass solar cell skylights

The stained glass solar cell skylights have a double purpose. Besides providing energy these unique skylights also allow sunlight to enter the pavilion so that the water-cultivated vegetables in the biotope can grow thanks to the natural process of photosynthesis.

Instagram @Marjanvanaubel

Buro BELÉN – Circular curtains

Buro BELÉN has designed a curtain to separate the business lounge from the visitors’ area. This 26-metre-wide and 12-metre-long custom piece is made of bio textiles. The PLA yarn was developed specially by BELÉN in collaboration with its partners and is industrially biodegradable.

Mogu supplied bio-based floor tiles and acoustic wall modules for the lounge area, produced using mycelium, the vegetative part of mushrooms. The use of these innovatively circular materials will demonstrate the unprecedented opportunities that emerge when you commit to partnering with nature.

Signify – light as a service

Signify, a carbon neutral company, supplied its high quality, energy-efficient LED lighting and control systems that help fulfill the purpose of the sustainability district. They also prepared the lighting design, and supported with the testing and commissioning of the lighting control system.

Holland Water

Holland Water’s water treatment system removes bacteria from drinking and cooling water using silver and copper ionisation. They also created the Holland Water Bar in the VIP area of the Netherlands Pavilion. This bar functions as central meeting point and can be recognized by its giant copper and silver rods, in reference to the electrodes used in their HW Bifipro® system.

Leadax – Flat roofing

Leadax waterproofed the Netherlands Pavilion with their circular building materials, including the best quality lead-free flashing and the world’s most sustainable flat roofing. Leadax uses PVB (Polyvinyl butyral) waste from laminated glass, such as car windows as the principle raw material for its recyclable products.

Hoogendoorn Growth Management – Process automation solutions

Hoogendoorn provided the essential IIVO process computer, sensors and smart cameras. Herewith, the cultivation of the lettuce will be precisely controlled and monitored. Moreover, a production increase in the Cone will be realized in the most sustainable manner.

Bom Group – Turnkey greenhouse projects

In the Netherlands Pavilion, Bom Group supplies the irrigation system that will be used to water the plants of the cone. The irrigation system also contributes to the stable and pleasant climate in the Dutch Pavilion. More than 13.000 plants are (24/7) equally supplied with water. The irrigation system is installed to give the plants just the right amount of water at the exact right temperature.

MJ-Tech – Sustainable Climate Sytem

MJ-Tech is a designer, producer and supplier of high-pressure fog systems, used in horticulture, agriculture and industry. MJ-Tech controls the humidity to protect the growing of the crops in the Dutch Biotope and contributes to an overall more pleasant climate in the Netherlands Pavilion.

Koppert Biological Systems provided the knowledge and biological solutions to control pests and diseases in the plants in a sustainable way. Demonstrating how it contributes towards 100% sustainable agriculture and horticulture, to promote biodiversity and enhance food safety.

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