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Priva Quranic Park Dubai

Quranic Park is a botanical garden in Dubai. Dutch company Priva collaborated with local partners to create optimal growing conditions for the plants, even in Dubai’s harsh climate.

Quranic Park spans 64 hectares and contains all plants and trees named in the Quran and the Sunnah. The park displays the cultural and scientific achievements of Islam, and aims to provide bridges for intellectual and cultural communication.

Bringing together horticulture and building automation

Growing plants in Dubai’s harsh conditions is a challenge. At Quranic Park, Priva partnered with UAE-based Flora Engineering Services. Here, they brought together their expertise in horticulture and building automation to create sustainable irrigation and climate control systems. One of the park’s main attractions is the greenhouse, where the climate is constantly monitored. An efficient irrigation system ensures that the plants are given exactly the right amount of water, thereby reducing water waste. The intention is to reuse 95% of water. All equipment has been designed and installed so that it works reliably even on the hottest days of the year.

Creating a sustainable urban delta

Priva’s vision is to turn cities like Dubai into Sustainable Urban Deltas: megacities that embrace food production in metropolitan areas to create new connections on a social, ecological, and economic level, providing space for energy, social cohesion, property development and climate. Sharing knowledge is key. One way this is done is through the Priva Academy, where Priva shares its knowledge on efficient horticulture practices with its partners and customers around the world, as well as with knowledge institutions. Through research and development, Priva always seeks to be one step ahead.

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