The Netherlands pavilion is complete -- and we're all about the details!

Yet another milestone for the Netherlands pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai site: the very first oyster mushrooms! 🍄

If you can make it rain in the desert, you can even grow mushrooms there. Mushrooms are an essential part of the circular food production system in the pavilion: while they degrade organic matter, they produce high value mushrooms and CO2.

The CO2 they provide, act as a fertilizer for the edible plants on the exterior of the cone. It takes the tiny mushrooms five days to mature.

Our biodegradable curtain is here as well.

And we’re mesmerized by the design of buroBELéN! 

The curtain’s design represents the original vegetation of the Arab peninsula, for which they used biomass products such as corn, cassava & sugar cane to make the bioplastic textile fibers.

The 44 metres wide curtain is meant to seperate the lounge area from the pavilion when needed, so you can host your event in full privacy.

Visit the Netherlands pavilion & admire this beautiful curtain that’s reusable, compostable and has a low carbon footprint. 

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