Final phase of construction swings into action at the Netherlands Pavilion

1 March 2021 marked an important milestone as we resumed the final stages of construction on our pavilion! As it happens, the postponement of the Expo 2020 Dubai has had a positive effect on the achievement of our sustainability goals.
In the course of the construction process, 2,000 tonnes of steel was used to build the main structure, including the foundation, frames, stairs, walls and cylinders. All of this material was leased locally and will be recycled or repurposed after completion of the project, thus reducing the ecological footprint at the construction site.

During the final phase, as the interior of the building is completed, technical systems and pioneering Dutch innovations will be installed. In addition, the edible plants growing inside the pavilion will be set up, and the area around the pavilion will be landscaped. The test phase includes installing and monitoring the unique sensory experience at the biotope, the audio-visual equipment for the visitors programme and more.

After handover of the finished structure, the pavilion will receive a ‘Building Completion Certification’ from the local authorities by July 2021.

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