Pavilion update

We are currently preparing for the consequences of any postponement of Expo 2020 Dubai with regard to the construction of the Dutch Pavilion. In order to build a sustainable, high-quality and unique pavilion in 2021 we are considering two scenarios:

1. The construction continues in accordance with the original schedule. We ensure the quality of the pavilion between now and 2021 by means of minor maintenance, monitoring and cleaning.

2. We complete structural work on the pavilion and then pause construction for several months before resuming next spring. At that point, we will proceed with the interior construction, the installation of technological innovations, garden landscaping, the AV installation for the visitor show and furnishing activities.

These scenarios are currently being fleshed out, in collaboration with the Expo organisation and the contractor and architect of the Dutch Pavilion. A decision will be made in the next few weeks.

Construction update
At the moment the construction work is continuing. In the latest time-lapse video you can see the creation of the steel structure of the food cone, which is 19 metres tall and has a diameter of 15 metres. The contours of the food cone are clearly visible and give a good idea of how the edible plants will be growing on the outside. After construction, the irrigation system will be installed to allow the plants to grow, followed by the rings for the pots in which the plants will grow. On the inside of the cone, oyster mushrooms will be grown.

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