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Channelling Change: Inside A Designers Brain

Since 2005, the Dutch studio Organisation in Design, has represented hundreds of international designers, academies, established brands and labels at design events all around the world by calling attention to the multitude of forms of design. For curator Margriet Vollenberg, founder of Organisation in Design, it is important to show design not only as a finalised product, but also as a process, research or way of thinking. Dutch Design is strongly represented in the latter procedural segment. This is the reason for Vollenberg to take a closer look at this specific Dutch design mentality and to share it in a way that encourages exchange of ideas and cross-sectoral cooperation.

With the exhibition: Channelling Change: Inside A Designers Brain as part of the Dutch exhibition during World Expo Dubai, Vollenberg wants to make clear how designers think, research, and take on problems and challenges. Within the Dutch design sector, sustainability is no longer a precondition, on the contrary, it has become the starting point. Why create, design and conceive if it is not sustainable or contributes to improvements in the triangle of environment, people, nature? In addition, we see numerous products, processes and projects that have taken the sustainability problem as their core: (residual) waste, liveability, awareness, smarter ways of working and producing that have less impact on the ecosystem.

Channelling Change: Inside A Designers Brain will not only focus on the end-product or the project but will also highlight the reasoning behind it. The exhibition shows the work of a selection of 14 Dutch Designers who are passionate about creating a fully sustainable future.

1. Atelier Boelhouwer with the project Insectology

2. Atelier LVDW with the project Jute Tile

3. Beer Holthuis with the project Paper Pulp Printer

4. Pauline Wiersema & Thieu Custers with the project Sponsored By

5. Sanne Visser with the project The age of trichology

6. Shahar Livne with the project The Meat Factory

7. Studio Billie van Katwijk with the project Ventri

8. Studio Chardé Brouwer with the project Afterlife

9. Studio Lionne van Deursen with the project Imperfecte Perfectie

10. Studio Nienke Hoogvliet with the project Waterschatten

11. Studio Sway with the project Aquatecture

12. Studio Yvon Smeets with the project Oddities

13. Tamara Orjola with the project Forest Wool

14. Xandra van der Eijk with the project Future Remnants

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