From water, energy, food to circularity and culture — the Netherlands offers a promising programme with thematic weeks, innovative art exhibitions & exciting business opportunities. Have a look at the Programming Information Pack of the Dutch participation at Expo 2020 Dubai below. 

Uniting water, energy, food 

Water, energy and food are strongly interconnected. An action in one sector often also has an effect on at least one of the other two sectors. As a result, challenges in the water, energy and food sectors are best tackled with the other sectors in mind. Food cannot be produced without water and energy. A country striving to increase its food self-sufficiency needs sufficient fresh water to achieve this. This can be a challenge in countries where fresh water is not abundant. Desalination, for example, is energy intensive, relying heavily on fossil fuels. We need to develop innovative solutions for these challenges, and this starts with a connection between the three sectors.

Over the past two weeks, a total of 107 Dutch businesses and knowledge institutions have demonstrated the skills and innovations the Netherlands has to address challenges in the Gulf in the area of water, energy and food. In various webinars, they spoke with entrepreneurs and experts from the UAE and Oman about topics such as climate-proof water infrastructure, the energy transition and food security. In-depth sessions highlighted the opportunities that exist in the region for Dutch companies in areas such as wastewater, solar energy and horticulture.

The nexus between water, energy and food is at the core of the multi-annual, public-private strategy of the Netherlands in the Gulf. The participants in the virtual mission have visibly and convincingly given shape and content to this strategy.

Thematic weeks
The Dutch participation at Expo 2020 Dubai focuses on several Expo thematic weeks and trade fairs in the UAE and is accompanied by theme weeks exclusively organized by the Netherlands. This global event is an extraordinary springboard for business and trade in the region well beyond 2020. Now is the time to get in and showcase the kind of innovative and sustainable solutions that the Kingdom of the Netherlands is known for, with a particular focus on water, energy and food.

Culture: When art fuels innovation

At the Netherlands Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, designers and artists are shining the spotlight on technological innovation. Artists Birthe Leemeijer, Kadir van Lohuizen, Joep van Lieshout, Berndnaut Smilde and Theo Jansen seek to stimulate the senses at the Dutch Biotope. Not only do they add aesthetic value through the power of their imagination, they also help promote a wider acceptance of new technology, resulting in a more beautiful and better world.

Download the Programme

Programming Information Pack Dutch participation at Expo 2020 Dubai

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