We proudly welcome Meever & Meever as a sponsor of the Netherlands pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. This globally operating company specialises in producing and distributing construction materials such as steel sheet piles, steel pipes and anchorage. Meever & Meever also specialises in the rental of cranes, vibrators, power packs and modular bracing systems.

Made of steel
Meever & Meever is an important partner, as 70% of the Netherlands pavilion is made of steel. In the pavilion’s circular design, recycling and reusing materials is key. Where possible we have opted to use local materials, reducing the need for transportation. With this in mind, the steel used in the pavilion is being supplied by Meever & Meever’s Abu Dhabi branch. When the exhibition ends in 2022, the building materials will be repurposed or recycled locally. The steel used for the pavilion will be returned to Meever & Meever and reused for other projects. ‘We are very proud to contribute to the sustainability of this prestigious project with our steel products,’ said Aleksander van Meever.

About the pavilion
In one year, the Netherlands pavilion will be opened at the world exposition. The pavilion is entirely devoted to innovation in the fields of water, energy and food. Dutch businesses, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations possess specific knowledge and expertise in these areas, and can, therefore, play an important role in finding solutions that contribute to a more sustainable planet. The Expo 2020 Dubai and the Netherlands pavilion are open to visitors from October 2021 to April 2022.

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