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About the partnership with Mogu

Mogu supplied bio-based floor tiles and acoustic wall modules for Mogu supplied bio-based floor tiles and acoustic wall modules for the gigantic green cone and the lounge area, produced using mycelium, the vegetative part of mushrooms. The use of these innovatively circular materials will demonstrate the unprecedented opportunities that emerge when you commit to partnering with nature.

About the company

Mogu was founded on the belief that it is possible to employ Nature’s intelligence to radically disrupt the design of everyday products, seeking a finer balance between the man-made and the rhythms of the natural ecosystem.

Circular Process

Today, our relationship with the ecosystem is more than ever compromised, due to human activity and particularly to the irresponsible manufacturing processes we constantly run.

At Mogu, we thrive to employ only residues as raw input materials, setting new value for unexploited resources through the skillful action of fungal mycelium.

Click here for Mogu’s website or to get in touch with them. 

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