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LG Sonic: Chemical-free algae control for a healthy ecosystem

Algae can be a major quality problem at water treatment plants and in lakes and reservoirs. LG Sonic provides a solution for chemical-free algae control.

LG Sonic’s technology uses ultrasound waves to create a barrier at the water’s surface. This barrier prevents algae from rising to the surface and absorbing light for photosynthesis. The algae die, sink to the bottom of the water and are degraded by bacteria. The cell wall remains intact and no toxins are released into the water.

Long-term solution

LG Sonic provides a long-term solution for a healthy ecosystem. The ultrasound technology eliminates up to 90% of algae and inhibits the growth of new algae. As algae die, the water becomes clearer and the number of aquatic plants and fish increases. After a year the amount of algae has often significantly reduced. The solution is chemical-free and has been proven to be safe for fish and other forms of aquatic life. Water quality is monitored in real time and the ultrasonic program can be adapted to specific water conditions. LG Sonic also offers different products suitable for different bodies of water, ranging from small ponds to large reservoirs.


In Dubai, LG Sonic collaborates with the municipality to control algae in the Al Qudra Lakes. These lakes are used for irrigation purposes, and algae can clog pumps and nozzles. In an experiment where a treated lake and an untreated lake were compared, the treated lake showed an approximately 50% reduction in algae. Dubai Municipality is now looking to treat more lakes and reservoirs with LG Sonic’s technology.

Contact information

LG Sonic, +31 (0)70 770 9030, info@lgsonic.com

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