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There are two billion hectares of degraded land on our planet. Land Life Company’s mission is to restore this land, bring back the forest and make a difference to local communities.

Bringing back the forest

Reforestation not only reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it also helps restore biodiversity by providing a habitat for animals and for trees that retain rainwater in the soil. By providing training and creating jobs, Land Life Company has a positive impact on local communities.


Technology is key for large-scale and successful reforestation efforts. In 2014, Land Life Company developed a product called the Cocoon: a 100% biodegradable box that supports a seedling with water and shelter through its first year. The box holds up to 25 litres of water, so the seedlings are not dependent on external irrigation. Even in harsh conditions, the Cocoon has achieved a 75 to 95% survival rate for planted seedlings. In order to track the impact of its projects, Land Life Company deploys on-the-ground and remote sensing technologies. Data is collected to make processes more efficient and thus generate greater impact. Currently, Land Life Company is developing automated technologies to reforest hundreds of hectares in a single planting session.

Expo Live

In 2017, Land Life Company received an Expo Live grant for their Grow Zambia project. The Expo Live grants fund, accelerate and promote creative solutions that improve lives while preserving our world. Land Life Company used the initial $100,000 in funding to reforest a nickel mine in Zambia, planting figs, acacias and baobab trees with the Cocoon technology. In collaboration with UNICEF, Land Life Company also created an interactive educational programme to teach students about the impact of deforestation and opportunities for land restoration. Through the knowledge these young people gained, they can have lasting impact on their local communities. After receiving a second grant of $300,000, Land Life Company returned to Zambia to monitor the impact of its work.

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