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About Kossmanndejong

Kossmanndejong (KDJ) is an Amsterdam-based experience architecture studio that creates immersive narrative spaces for interaction, inspiration, and connection. KDJ has set the bar in visitor experience design since 1998 and has received numerous prestigious design awards. KDJ excels in creating engaging experiences for diverse audiences through its authentic, layered, and personal approach. Operating globally with our international network of trusted partners, KDJ designs for (cultural) institutions, public spaces, brands, and beyond.

About the partnership with Kossmanndejong

KDJ designed a clear, emotive visitor journey for the Netherlands Pavilion that reinforces the factory metaphor of the architecture. After an introduction to the pavilion’s central theme in the ‘control room’, the visitor journey in the central cone builds to a climax in the form of a multimedia experience that Kossmanndejong developed with BIND film. A wondrous narrative journey projects onto white umbrellas about the pavilion’s technical innovations that transform the harsh desert climate into a fertile ecosystem. The journey’s pinnacle is a miraculous rainfall that suddenly pours from 18 meters high. This wow moment communicates the story beyond cognition – not only do visitors understand the story, but they feel and experience it. Carefully orchestrated theatrical lighting and penetrating music combine to enhance the pavilion’s storytelling and its emotional resonance.

KDJ is honored to leverage its storytelling expertise to help the Netherlands Pavilion Consortium deliver an important call-to-action urging the world to develop united water, energy, and food solutions.

Click here for Kossmanndejong’s website or to get in touch with them. 

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