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Sustainable maritime and offshore technologies

With so much water, the Netherlands has a strong position in maritime and offshore technologies. Businesses are continuing to innovate and improve the sustainability of this sector.

IRO represents Dutch suppliers in the offshore energy industry and supports the development of new and sustainable technologies. The Netherlands is eager to share this expertise with other countries. The Dutch government financially supports the energy sector in its research into and development of sustainable innovations – to which IRO’s members actively contribute.

Producing and using renewable energy

The Netherlands actively promotes the development of sustainable maritime and offshore technologies. Not only do offshore wind farms produce renewable energy, the suppliers increasingly use energy from renewable sources for their operations, too. For example, Heerema’s crane vessels will run on clean energy by connecting them to shore power. This will result in a total reduction of emissions equivalent to the annual emissions of 5,000 diesel cars. Amphibious Energy, another IRO member, specialises in providing renewable energy to offshore platforms by using a specialised wind turbine. Opting for renewable energy cuts costs, makes the platforms more autonomous and is more environmentally friendly.

New habitats for sea life

Not only do wind farms provide renewable energy for us, they can also provide a safe habitat for marine life. This is because the seabed is no longer disturbed after wind farms have been built there. One of IRO’s members, marine contractor Van Oord, is committed to building with nature. Through its Ecoscour project Van Oord is investigating scope for rehabilitating flat oyster beds around wind farms.

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