‘Our pavilion is a place where businesses can meet and connect with key stakeholders’

Hans Sandee, commissioner general of the Dutch pavilion, invites businesses to get involved: ‘For six months our pavilion will offer a platform for all kinds of Dutch organisations to showcase their solutions.’

During Expo 2020 Dubai the Dutch pavilion − more a biotope than a building − will be a buzzing hub for innovative ideas in the fields of water, energy and food. ‘The biotope is a platform where businesses can connect with other companies, knowledge institutions and governments,’ Sandee explains. ‘It shows how we take an integrated approach to tackling challenges.’

A unique pavilion

Sandee: ‘Global challenges in the water, energy and food sectors require us to make big changes. At the Dutch pavilion we’ll show how to connect water, energy and food in smart ways, adding value to all three sectors. In fact, our biotope will unite innovative Dutch solutions in water, energy and food to create a circular climate system. We want visitors to think: “Wow! This is how we can create a greener and more sustainable future,”’ Sandee explains. ‘Our approach to building is also unique: to minimise our ecological footprint, we’re using local resources whenever possible. After Expo 2020 all building materials will be repurposed.’

Opportunities for businesses

Sandee: ‘This Expo is unique because it’s the first to take place in the Middle East and caters to a much wider region. It’s also the most business-minded Expo in history. Businesses and institutions can get involved in many different ways. We’re hosting a range of events at our pavilion. To give you an idea, besides our National Day on 8 November, there will be four large-scale signature events: not only about water, energy and food but also about the circular economy and healthcare. And in collaboration with the United Arab Emirates and Jordan, we’re organising a large trilateral event on water, energy and food. What’s more, the pavilion’s flexible venues, like the business lounge and auditorium, can easily be booked. Want to get involved? Our door is open to innovative ideas!’

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