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Hydraloop: smart products to save water and energy

Climate change, pollution and population growth put severe pressure on the world’s resources. Hydraloop enables people to save water and energy with smart and affordable water recycling products.

Hydraloop wants small-scale water recycling to become part of people’s daily routines. Greywater is often discharged into sewers as wastewater, but it is perfect for in-house recycling and reuse. Hydraloop believes that every building, from houses, commercial buildings and hotels, to sports facilities, student accommodation and mosques should be equipped with its own recycling system. With Hydraloop’s in-house greywater recycling systems, 85% of domestic water can be reused.

Patented treatment

Hydraloop collects wastewater from the shower, bath, wash basins and/or washing machine. Unlike other cleaning systems, Hydraloop does not use filters, membranes or chemicals. It removes dirt, soap and other pollution with a unique and patented treatment technology. The final treatment is disinfection using UV light. The result is clean, clear, safe and certified water, ready to be reused for several purposes, such as flushing the toilet, doing the laundry, irrigating the garden and topping up the pool.

User-friendly system

The Hydraloop is a low-maintenance, self-cleaning system that reduces your drinking water and sewerage charges as well as your carbon footprint. Ultimately, the system pays for itself, its return on investment depending on regional costs. This makes Hydraloop affordable.

Award-winning product

Hydraloop has won numerous awards, including the International Water Summit’s Innovation Award (2018), the WIS Award (2018) and the Global Water Challenges Prize 2019. At CES2020 in Las Vegas, it was proclaimed ‘Best of the Best’ – the overall winner for best product at the show. In the Gulf region, Hydraloop was involved in the design of two houses developed in the context of the Solar Decathlon by the University of Sharjah and King Saud University.

Contact details

Hydraloop Systems B.V.

+31 (0)88 100 3500,

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