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‘Partner helped us into UAE market’

Holland Water entered the United Arabic Emirates (UAE) market in 2016. Working together with its Middle East partner, the supplier of water treatment systems now expects to double its turnover in the Emirates within three years.

Emirates Catering, Dubai Mall, Dubai World Trade Centre and Holiday Inn are just some of Holland Water’s clients in the UAE. ‘We’ll also install our systems in many of the Expo 2020 buildings and in the Dutch pavilion,’ says director Peter van der Linde, adding more venues to an already impressive list.


Holland Water’s water treatment system removes bacteria from drinking and cooling water using silver and copper ionisation. Van der Linde explains: ‘This technology was developed by the American space agency NASA to provide astronauts with clean water. We now use it in the piping systems of large buildings and cooling towers.’

Bacteria grow in all piping systems, but they grow much faster in hot countries like the UAE. Chlorination is commonly used to keep piping systems clean, but it affects the taste of the water and is corrosive. These problems do not occur with the copper and silver ionisation used in Holland Water’s Bifipro® systems. This method is also more effective than chlorination, according to Van der Linde.

Business culture

Knowing the right people in the right networks is important in UAE business culture, as Van der Linde and his colleagues discovered soon after they entered the market. This was one of the most important reasons for launching an exclusive partnership in the UAE with the US water treatment company Culligan Middle East.

Holland Water, a Dutch SME, greatly benefited from the partnership with the American corporate. ‘Working together with Culligan has allowed us to be part of their strong Middle East network, which for us is not so easy to develop due to the relatively high upfront investment necessary. The cooperation with Culligan also enables us to offer our products as part of a total water treatment and purification solution for an entire building or project.’

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