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Holland Water on participating in #Expo2020

We spoke to Rogier van den Brink, ceo of Holland Water on why they decided to join the Dutch participation to Expo 2020 in Dubai as a sponsor. 

Why are you participating in the Netherlands pavilion?

With a history of more than 18 years on providing sustainable water solutions, Holland Water treasures water: this is in our culture, our company DNA, it’s why we do what we do. We are convinced that our watertech plays an important role in creating a more durable world. Expo 2020 Dubai is the perfect platform for Holland Water to position ourselves as a problem-solver with its focus on pioneering technologies, proud craftsmanship and personal dedication.

But we also understand that if we want to deal with global issues such as the shortage of water, we need to start thinking of the planet beyond the barriers of national borders. Expo 2020 Dubai attracts individuals from all over the globe that dedicate all of their energy, creativity and conceptual ability to provide solutions to the key challenges humanity is faced with today. We’re very much looking forward to meeting these kindred spirits from all over the world.

What will you be contributing to Expo 2020 Dubai?

Holland Water is very proud to be a supplier for numerous buildings and pavilions on site, where our HW Bifipro® systems are installed as the main water treatment technology to secure the supply of safe water and to prevent and/or combat the risk of Legionella.

Our team will also be part of distinguished seminars and various other events. For example, we will participate in the Global Goals Week and co-host the session ‘Reducing the water footprint in buildings’ on the 16th of January in the business lounge of the Netherlands pavilion.

Also, do not forget to stop by the Holland Water Bar in the VIP area of the Netherlands Pavilion. This bar functions as central meeting point and can be recognized by its giant copper and silver rods, in reference to the electrodes used in our HW Bifipro® system.

Which Expo 2020 Dubai Pavilion will you be visiting first?

It may sound subjective, but this will certainly be the Netherlands Pavilion. The already renowned biotope can be considered the epitome of what energy, food and water stand for. It’s been almost three years since Holland Water signed the supplier contract and we’ve closely been following the process ever since. It’s very exciting to see that an entire climate system can be created inside a building. Even in this preparatory stage, the Netherlands Pavilion is being a great host – providing us a platform on this level. We’re absolutely thrilled for the opening.

Furthermore, I’m also quite triggered by Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion, as it presents real life solutions to real world problems. As said before, Holland Water is an agent of change and aims to speed up the pace of protecting and preserving the only world we have.

Which Expo 2020 Dubai innovation or sustainable solution are you curious about?

That’s a tough question to answer. As a company, we focus on innovations that can influence our everyday choices to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact. No doubt that we’ll be introduced to loads of inspiring solutions. In general, it’s more than admirable that Expo 2020 Dubai aspires to deliver one of the most sustainable World Expos ever, ingraining sustainability in everything they’ve been doing – from buildings and construction to establishing a lasting legacy long after Expo is over. I’m very curious to be introduced to everything on site.

Who would you like to have a “connecting mind” moment with, during Expo 2020 Dubai?

If I may be so blunt, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander! From 1997 – 2013, our King traveled the world to strengthen the leading role of the Netherlands in tackling water problems. In my opinion, he has done a great job in doing so. To create water awareness, but also to emphasize the expertise that the Netherlands has to offer as a country focusing on water. I would like to cordially invite him for a beer and an exchange of ideas at our Holland Water Bar.

Holland Water

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