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Elemental Water Makers: sustainable desalination

Traditional water desalination methods rely heavily on energy from fossil fuels. Elemental Water Makers offers an affordable, efficient and, above all, sustainable solution for desalination.

With a large part of the Earth’s surface covered by salt water, desalination is often advertised as a solution for water scarcity. However, the use of fossil fuels makes desalination expensive and unsustainable. Elemental Water Makers has developed a plug-and-play solution which combines solar power and reverse osmosis to create reliable and more sustainable access to clean water.

Any location

Elemental Water Makers’ solution is suitable for remote applications: it can be used completely off the grid and can be installed rapidly. It can also be connected to the user’s own energy supply, in which case the system provides a more energy-efficient solution for desalination. The company provides users with their own independent, continuous supply of fresh water. Excess solar energy is stored in batteries, and the installation can be placed on a hill to create the necessary pressure for reverse osmosis.

Elemental Water Foundation

Their innovative solution for desalination has already seen Elemental Water Makers nominated for several prizes. Recently, Elemental Water Makers won the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Water Award. The United Arab Emirates relies heavily on desalination for its fresh water supply. This award recognises the company’s contribution to solving the global water crisis. Furthermore, the founders of Elemental Water Makers have established the Elemental Water Foundation, an organisation dedicated to helping rural communities get access to safe and affordable drinking water. In this way, they are helping people across the globe through their uniquely sustainable desalination solution.

Contact information

info@elementalwatermakers.com, +31 (0)6 2929 4357

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