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The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the whole world, and is having an enormous impact on companies and the economy in general. We are a country that seeks to make connections. In good times and bad. The first thing Dutch companies do in times of crisis is to reinvent, collaborate and create new #dutchsolutions. For a better, more sustainable future.

We are proud to share some more of the collaborations and #dutchsolutions that have arisen over the past few weeks in the shadow of the coronavirus crisis.

Inspiring examples

A farmer, 40 cows, and robots to collect manure and distribute fodder – all floating on the water of the largest port in Europe. A load of nonsense? Absolutely not! This is all part of the Floating Farm, the first self-sufficient floating farm in the world, which is currently being completed and will shortly begin operation in the Merwe4 Haven of Rotterdam….

Dutch bed- and mattress manufacturer Royal Auping has, together with ‘Panton, ontwerpbureau voor de zorg’ received an order from the Ministry of VWS to produce high quality masks for care professionals. The initial order includes delivery of 4 Million masks.

KLM brings fresh Dutch food to the UAE.

During the nationwide 21-day lockdown in India which began in March, AkzoNobel India launched several initiatives to help communities cope with food and healthcare challenges caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

In the campaign to defeat COVID-19, governments across the world are rightly prioritizing the supply of personal protective equipment, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and food as ‘essentials’. Next to these though, are other crucial sectors such as lighting.

Do you have a Dutch solution? Let us know!

We want the road to Expo to be a collective effort. A collaboration between businesses, government and knowledge institutions. Connecting solutions in the field of water, energy and food. If you have a Dutch solution, we would love to hear from you! Or use #dutchsolutions to be featured.

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