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Uniting water, energy and food

Connecting minds for a sustainable future

In the Netherlands, companies, knowledge institutions and government organisations work together closely to create new technologies and innovations.

Come to our pavilion and learn more about why and how we do this.

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Dutch sustainable solutions

Businesses, government and knowledge institutions in the Netherlands are uniting water, energy and food to develop sustainable solutions. Read on to discover some of the most inspiring examples.

The Netherlands' Pavilion at Expo 2020: A Biotope

The Netherlands united water, energy and food solutions for a greener planet. 



There’s always something to discover at the Dutch pavilion. We don’t just showcase innovations in water, energy and food –we also connect these sectors to other global topics.

Discover our programme, which covers a range of topics, from water, energy & food to women’s entrepreneurship and education.


Our expo theme is Water, Energy & Food. Water is crucial in this triangle. It is needed to produce Energy and Food and plays an important role in climate change and the cities of tomorrow.


Energy consumption in the Netherlands is mainly from natural gas, imported coal, oil and an increasing amount of renewable energy. We are making the transition to full renewable energy.


Food production must be environmentally friendly and economically viable, that is if we want to be able to meet the global demand for food today and in the future.


Dutch government, cities and businesses embrace the circular economy as one of the solutions to reach their climate and city goals. 

Kadir van Lohuizen


Dutch visual & performing arts, buildings & design – all tell the story of our country. A country open to collaboration; one that comes up with innovative solutions.

Supporting Programme


Our children are the future. If we want to take sustainability seriously, we need to involve today’s youth in our ideas, policies and innovations.


Education is essential when it comes to raising new generations who will continue to develop sustainable solutions for global issues.


The Netherlands is well-known for its love of sports. There are various initiatives promoting sustainability in the sports sector.

Women entrepreneurship

Gender equality in business unlocks huge economic potential. Women can make a difference by developing smart solutions to global issues in water, energy and food. 


The theme of the Dutch pavilion − uniting water, energy and food − contributes to more awareness and international cooperation in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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