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Dutch Greenhouse Delta: paving the road for Dutch horticulture

Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD) promotes the Dutch horticulture sector worldwide. The association identifies opportunities and creates connections between businesses and governments (B2G) and between businesses and large investors.

Global demand for locally-grown, safe and sustainable food is on the rise. As an alternative to expensive and unsustainable food imports, many countries are striving to become self-sufficient. DGD connects businesses, governments and knowledge institutions interested in starting large-scale, complex projects contributing to the goal of self-sufficiency. The network also positions the Dutch horticulture sector as a brand, so that people know that the Netherlands is the place to be when it comes to efficient and sustainable horticulture. DGD currently has 27 partners.

Horticulture in the Gulf region

The Gulf region is a focus region for DGD. The Gulf states currently import a large part of their food requirement, but they are working towards sustainability and self-sufficiency. One of the main challenges in this region is the climate: temperatures are high and there is little fresh water available. TNO and Wageningen University and Research are carrying out a research project in this region to identify the most suitable type of greenhouse for this climate.

Water, energy and food

For DGD, maintaining the balance between water, energy and food is key: in increasing yields, the amount of water and energy used must be kept to a minimum. Where the outdoor climate is not ideal, greenhouses can offer optimum growing conditions for plants, for example by using cooling and dehumidifying solutions. Certhon, one of DGD’s partners, is even developing a greenhouse that does not require incoming daylight.

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