Designed as a biotope

Dutch pavilion – all about sustainability

The Dutch pavilion, designed as a biotope, gives visitors a sensory experience. The climate system and the unique design allow visitors to experience the connection between water, energy and food.

The Dutch pavilion was built and designed by a consortium comprising trade fair booth and pavilion contractor Expomobilia, V8 Architects, exhibition designers Kossmanndejong and engineering firm Witteveen+Bos.

A miniature climate

The joint team created a biotope, essentially a miniature world where the climate is controlled naturally. The water, energy and food sectors are strongly linked, and in the Netherlands we use this connection to our advantage to develop sustainable solutions. At the pavilion, we show how the three sectors can be linked to develop unique integrated solutions and thereby create a more sustainable world. We showcase innovative answers to global issues like water scarcity, food security and the energy transition. For example, we will extract water from the desert air to create an indoor climate where we can grow food products such as mushrooms. We will also be generating our own energy. In our biotope these solutions are presented on a small scale, but they have the potential to be developed on a larger scale.

Reducing our ecological footprint

Besides creating a circular system in our biotope, we also aim to keep the pavilion’s ecological footprint as small as possible. All the pavilions on the Expo grounds are temporary. So the design team opted for a circular design, in which recycling and reusing materials is key. Furthermore, where possible we have opted to use local materials, reducing the need for transportation. After the Expo, the building materials will be repurposed or recycled locally. The same goes for the interior of our pavilion: all materials used are either biobased and biodegradable (such as floor tiles made from a combination of fungus and straw) or will be reused elsewhere.

Presenting the Dutch Pavilion:

Construction updates:

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