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Designathon Works

Designathon Works advocates a radical rethink of how society sees children. Through local and global designathons it seeks to prepare children for an unpredictable and complex future.

Design thinking

Most education programmes struggle to prepare children for the global issues of the future. Designathon Works sees children as changemakers and offers them the opportunity to develop the skills and capabilities necessary to imagine and make change. This is done through an educational programme based on design thinking, in which children aged 7 to 12 take centre stage. A 6-step design circle helps children to seek answers to big questions such as global water issues, poverty and deforestation. Not only do the children acquire knowledge and skills, they also feel empowered to take action and make change.

Global Children’s Designathon

Every year, Designathon Works organises a Global Children’s Designathon. On this day, children in cities across the world work on the same challenge in parallel. At the end of the day, the children present their solutions to a panel of experts. During the designathon, the organisation carries out a study to show how children think about the issues in question. The results are published in a report called the Global Voices of the Next Generation. In 2019, the participants tackled the nexus between food production, consumption and climate change. In 2020 the Global Children’s Designathon will include more online learning as the programme continues to grow.

Expo Live grant winner

With the EXPO Live grant it was awarded in 2017, Designathon Works has been able to grow the global designathon from 10 participating cities in 2017 to 40 in 2019. Designathon Works will also be present at The Good Place, the EXPO Live grant winners’ own pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai.

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