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David Middendorp - Airman

Airman is an exhilarating duo performance between humankind and technology that explores human consciousness. This innovative piece considers the question of what human consciousness would look like if represented by technology.

In Airman, technology is embodied by a group of drones. The combination of the independently moving dancer and the seemingly independently moving drones create an uncanny effect because of the deceptive degree of freedom with which the drones appear to move. The at times almost autonomous dance of the drones raises the deeper question of whether the drones possess free will, a philosophical theme that Middendorp seeks to explore in its relation to .

Technologically, Airman is a continuation of Another Kind of Blue’s earlier piece Newton’s Duet for which a motion-capture operating system was developed that can control two drones simultaneously. In Airman, this system has been expanded to 12 drones, which have a unique live interaction with the dancer.
Middendorp’s performance will take place on the Netherlands’ National Day, 3 November.

More about AIRMAN

Visit their website to read more and to get in touch with our artist.

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