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Improving solar panel output through heat management

COOLBACK has developed an innovative frameless solution for solar panels which increases the output and lifespan of the solar modules, while reducing stacking volume and transport costs. 

COOLBACK is a business-to-business partner for solar module manufacturers around the world. Research and development and production take place in the Netherlands, and the company has several testing locations around the world. The company produces sufficient solar energy to cover its own consumption, and the production of COOLBACK leaves no carbon footprint.

Heat management technology

COOLBACK is placed on the back of a solar module, and fits all standard modules. It is equipped with heat management technology which reduces the cell temperature using natural convection and radiation. The output of traditional solar modules suffers with rising temperatures. COOLBACK’s heat management technology, on the other hand, results in increased output in higher temperatures. Furthermore, the module is less affected by dust, dirt and winds than conventional solar modules. COOLBACK is designed so that the modules can be stacked effectively, reducing transport costs. Shipping takes place by ocean freight, which lessens the environmental impact.

Test location in Abu Dhabi

Last year, COOLBACK opened a test location at Masdar’s PV test facility in Abu Dhabi. The test location is operated in cooperation with Masdar Clean Energy (MCE). At the facility, COOLBACK-equipped modules are compared to standard PV modules. With its hot and sunny climate, Abu Dhabi is an ideal location for testing the difference.

Contact information

COOLBACK, +31 (0)20 820 1872, sales@coolback.com

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