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Improving solar module output and lifetime through robust heat management

COOLBACK Company has developed COOLBACK®, a patented innovation that replaces the conventional frame and backsheet functionalities of solar modules to increase energy output and extend module lifetime.

While reduced stacking volume lowers transport costs, COOLBACK® is available for the same cost as conventionally framed modules.

COOLBACK Company is a business-to-business partner for solar module manufacturers. The company utilizes environmentally friendly production methods, operating a carbon neutral R&D and production facility in The Netherlands. COOLBACK Company has several testing locations around the world.

Heat management technology

COOLBACK® is placed on the back of newly assembled solar panels; modularity allows it to fit all sizes of PV module. Its heat management technology reduces cell temperature using natural convection and radiation. The lower operating temperature yields higher energy output (up to 7%), especially in hot, sunny environments.

Extended module lifetime

COOLBACK® adds lightweight, yet robust, strength to solar modules that protects solar cells from cracking, even in windy circumstances. The frameless nature prevents dust & dirt buildup. Together with lowering cell temperature, these characteristics extend the lifetime of modules with COOLBACK® by 5 years.

Reduced costs

COOLBACK® is designed so that modules can be stacked back-to-back, often doubling the number of modules per container and effectively reducing transport costs. More energy yield for a longer period of time – and for the same costs – significantly impacts the levelized cost of energy, increasing return on investment.


Test locations in the Gulf

Test locations in the Gulf

In Qatar, COOLBACK Company is running a test at QEERI. Here, standard PV modules are compared to identical modules with COOLBACK®. The Gulf area is an ideal location for testing the difference. Similar test site locations include Spain, Italy, Thailand and China.

Contact information

Email / +31 (0)20 820 1872


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