Towards a circular city & society

Dutch government, cities and businesses embrace the circular economy as one of the solutions to reach their climate and city goals. The Dutch government and cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam have committed to become fully circular by the year 2050, by reducing the use of virgin materials by 50% in 2030.  

A circular city is a resilient, healthy and competitive city; able to provide for all the societal needs of its citizens within the natural boundaries of the Earth. Core elements of circularity are embedded within each key urban system; from water, to housing and infrastructure, to food and nutrition. Much like in a circular economy, in a circular city, resources are kept at their highest potential for as long as possible, through sharing, reusing, repairing, remanufacturing and recycling. But it’s also about renewable energy, social inclusiveness, biodiversity and new coalitions.  It takes a mind-shift to change that what has long been considered as waste, into resources or input for new products and businesses.  

How do we design our cities, infrastructure and industrial processes in such a way that they are energy positive and their materials can be re-used after the life cycle ends? In Dubai Dutch experts will share their ideas and experience and will look for international business partners to develop ideas and scale up innovations, because the Circular Economy needs world-wide engagement and collaboration. Our supply chains are organized internationally and we need to collaborate to close the loops. 

The Dutch Circular Economy program in Dubai will focus on construction, plastics and waste management. Bringing innovative architects, project developers, service- and product suppliers to meet with international developers and construction companies. 

Discussions on new ways to produce, reduce and re-use and recycle plastics are high on the European and Dutch agenda, an opportunity to discuss collaboration in the region where most of the virgin materials are being processed. 

Join us at the Dutch pavilion for discussions with the Dutch but also with other international Circular Economy Hotspots. 

Check out the renewed Holland Circular Hotspot with accessible tools for inspiration and support on Dutch-International circular economy collaboration.

Holland Circular Hotspot

Accelerating the transition towards Circular Cities

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