Plant Meat Matters

Dutch sustainable solutions|

For a sustainable diet, people should eat less meat and more plant-based proteins. Wageningen University &... Read More → Plant Meat Matters


Dutch sustainable solutions|

Tomatoworld is an information and education centre in Honselersdijk in the heart Westland, a major region for... Read More → Tomatoworld

LG Sonic

Dutch sustainable solutions|

Algae can be a major quality problem at water treatment plants and in lakes and reservoirs. LG Sonic provides... Read More → LG Sonic

Blue City

Dutch sustainable solutions|

BlueCity aims to create jobs, reduce waste, grow social capital and innovate without exhausting the... Read More → Blue City

Elemental Water Makers

Dutch sustainable solutions|

Traditional water desalination methods rely heavily on energy from fossil fuels. Elemental Water Makers... Read More → Elemental Water Makers

Kaumera Nereda®

Dutch sustainable solutions|

Kaumera Nereda® Gum is a resource extracted from the waste water treatment process. It can both retain and... Read More → Kaumera Nereda®


Dutch sustainable solutions|

ludge from waste water treatment plants usually ends up in incineration plants, with nutrients and energy... Read More → TORWASH

Duijvestijn Tomaten

Dutch sustainable solutions|

Duijvestijn Tomaten considers sustainability every step of the way: from watering its plants to packaging its... Read More → Duijvestijn Tomaten

Unilever Foods Innovation Centre

Dutch sustainable solutions|

The Unilever Foods Innovation Centre in Wageningen is an interaction and collaboration hub where 500... Read More → Unilever Foods Innovation Centre

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