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About the partnership with Buro Belén

Belén conceptualised and produced two designs that derive from a PLA yarn, a biodegradable material offering a sustainable alternative to polyester.

This versatile material is developed under Sun+ , a research project into sun protection. Herein, the studio looks at alternative ways and materials for a healthy and clean way of living under the sun. A 11m wide and 15m long textile, titled the Canopy, reveals the story of the sun. It is made out of 100% bio textiles developed with partner research institutes.

The physical make-up of the polymer causes it to block a substantial part of the harmful radiation from the sun. Whilst offering protection, the material allows for sufficient Vitamin D the body needs to stay healthy. The pleated Curtain, which is 44m x 14m, hangs inside the pavilion enunciated by the intricate laser cutting which reveal the inspiration of The Emirates, in its lush vegetation and long history into earth oil.

The Canopy and the Curtain set forth a spectrum of possibilities with these bio textiles. Ranging from wearables, products, textiles and other materialisations, in which interiors are regarded by Belén as living and breathing

About the company

Buro Belén is a research-based design studio in Amsterdam, with an intrinsic approach to aesthetic materialisations. Founded by Brecht Duijf and Lenneke Langenhuijsen, the design duo build their relationship with materials through emotions, history and tactility.

Click here for Buro Belén’s website or to get in touch with them. 

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