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Bom Group on participating in Expo2020

We spoke to John Meijer, Commercial Director & Co-owner of Bom Group on why Bom Group decided to join the Dutch participation to Expo 2020 in Dubai as a sponsor. 

Why are you participating in Expo2020?

As Bom Group, we have already been involved for a long time in supplying horticultural techniques, like greenhouses, which are crucial for the local production of fresh sustainable vegetables, fruits and flowers worldwide.

It is in our DNA to achieve the highest yield per square meter while using as less (fresh) water and energy (fossil fuels) as possible. Therefore, the food, water and energy nexus has our daily attention. We do this with a great team of colleagues, but moreover, with a team of external partners with whom we complete our horticultural projects.

The Dutch pavilion is a perfect example of how the Dutch look at sustainability and how to cooperate with others. Food, water and energy is a global issue and counts many challenges. To be part of this global event with a mutual benefit to us all, convinced us directly to participate in the Expo 2020 which is a showcase in the world ánd with the world.  

What will you be contributing to Expo2020?

In the Dutch Pavilion, we are supplying the irrigation system that will be used to water the plants of “The Cone”.

The cone is the absolute eye-catcher, located in the center of the Dutch Pavilion. More than 13.000 plants (also edible) will be (24/7) equally supplied with water. The irrigation system is installed to give the plants just the right amount of water at the exact right temperature.

On the inside of the cone, mushrooms will be grown. In total, the right irrigation and control of water also contributes to a better and stable climate. That is what we do at Bom Group; creating a perfect climate for plants while making use of the locally available resources with a minimum of influence to the local environment. 

Which Expo2020 Pavilion will you be visiting first?

Definitely the Netherlands Pavilion! But also definitely the UAE pavilion. As our overall host, and giving all the countries in the world a platform for mutual cooperation, but moreover their vision of a greater, better and more cooperative world, makes us curious and excited to visit them. It will be a huge challenge; but all pavilions will be visited! 

Which Expo2020 innovation or sustainable solution are you curious about?

What we would like to see is what and how other countries have developed for the nexus as a whole, and how we could benefit from this and implement this into our techniques and developments. The most sustainable solution is a mutual one; finding the right ingredients for cooperation and sharing ideas for a better cause and world. 

Who would you like to have a “connecting mind” moment with, during Expo2020?

Not someone in particular. Many “connecting minds/moments” will definitely be there and the most interesting ones you can or could meet/connect are the ones you didn’t expect or thought of! That makes this event an exciting one.

New inspiration, new contacts, new ideas, new energy! As the Dutch, we are known for our open mind and approach. Let’s connect! 

Bom Group

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