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About the partnership with Blue Box Air

Blue Box Air has created a patented process for cleaning and disinfecting any depth of HVAC heat transfer coil. It is environmentally friendly, non odorous and performes without having to shut down the equipment. Experience improved indoor air quality, increased energy efficiency and equipment lifespan. Blue Box replaces traditional pressure washing, steam cleaning and the use of harsh chemicals. We deliver specifically designed enzymes into the coils and migrate out dirt and grime while eliminating bacteria, fungus and bio-film.

“In the UAE we spend at least 90% of our time indoors. And to keep us cool and comfortable, a large portion of the energy bill is spent on the building’s HVAC system. We are incredibly proud to partner with the Netherlands pavilion during Expo 2020, to keep their AC systems running energy efficient and the indoor air clean for their visitors. Our sustainable solution helps organizations to always run their ACs at peak performance, reducing carbon emissions, and thus contributing to a healthier and greener planet. No better place to showcase this than at the Netherlands pavilion.” – Walewein Lichtenauer, Managing Director Blue Box Air, Middle East.

About Blue Box Air

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, and with operations in Australia, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, Blue Box Air has revolutionized HVAC coil maintenance with an environmentally friendly and highly effective, patented process with tangible outcomes, that have a big impact on building operations: reduction of energy consumption and CO2 footprint, whilst improving indoor air quality. Blue Box proudly serves a diverse customer base in a wide range of industry sectors, such as hospitality, healthcare, office and residential real estate, shopping malls and government.

Click here for Blue Box Air’s website or to get in touch with them. 

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