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There is a growing market for 3D printing on demand. Printing your own designs, or from an existing model library, is widely accessible these days. Problem is, that the print material is almost always plastic.

Beer Holthuis was surprised that there are no real sustainable materials used in 3D printing. And so he created the Paper Pulp Printer: the world’s first 3D printer that uses paper pulp instead of plastic. Holthuis repurposed the amount of paper we waste every year, which amounts to 80 kg per person, into a pulp that needs a little of natural binder which makes the products endlessly recyclable. Thanks to the fibrous texture of paper, the printed objects have surprisingly strong structures.

On a more aesthetic note, the tactile experience, bold lines and print speed result in distinctive shapes. Holthuis has already used the machine to make lamps, as well as various shapes and sizes of container.

Because of the fast print speed and the cheap material, he reckons this technique to be very suitable for large prints: from custom furniture to luxury packaging. The designer hopes to shortly create a consumer version of the printer as to spark ‘a true paper revolution’.


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