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Atelier LVDW explores the boundaries of natural and raw materials by developing new material combinations and recipes, resulting in surprising and sustainable products. Whether it is a lampshade made out of bioplastic and green earth or tiles created out of waste plastic, Atelier LVDW wants to raise our awareness of material choices.

As yet another project that is meant to help us realize how our human actions are in contact with the natural environment, Jute Tile came into existence by using a waste material from Forbo Flooring. Atelier LVDW managed to create a new and strong material which can be used as wall application, counter or display surface. The tiles are made of 50% Forbo jute fibre. Jute fibre is the only waste material in the production process of Forbo linoleum.

By combining it with plaster, the fluff is transformed into a strong material with distinct patterns. The original properties of the plaster are changed by this addition. Hereby, the waste material acquires a second life and new durable purpose and Forbo linoleum becomes a zero-waste product. In addition, LVDW transformed jute fibre into a lampshade and coasters, showing how waste material can be introduced in our interior and giving it the aesthetics it deserves.



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