As our Netherlands pavilion is taking its beautiful & innovative shape, our 3 creative contributors Buro BELÉN, Marjan van Aubel Studio & Mogu are currently busy installing their innovative products. Together, they will provide sustainable solutions in the fields of food and energy.

Uniting water, energy, food
The journey through the pavilion’s circular system – the Netherlands’ biotope – starts with water. Via the wind catcher chimney on the roof, we will harvest water from desert air, a process powered partly by solar energy. The stained glass solar cell skylights designed by Marjan van Aubel have a double purpose. Besides providing energy these unique skylights also allow sunlight to enter the pavilion so that the water-cultivated vegetables in the biotope can grow thanks to the natural process of photosynthesis. ‘We need to start seeing solar energy not purely as a technology,’ says designer Marjan van Aubel. ‘It has an emotional purpose, too, and is designed to naturally integrate into our daily environment.’

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A biotope with one-of-a-kind innovations
The Netherlands is keen to keep the pavilion’s carbon footprint as small as possible. That is why many of the materials are reusable, recyclable or biodegradable. As part of this, Buro BELÉN has designed a curtain to separate the business lounge from the visitors’ area. This 26-metre-wide and 12-metre-long custom piece is made of bio textiles. The PLA yarn was developed specially by BELÉN in collaboration with its partners and is industrially biodegradable. ‘It’s time for a material shift,’ BELÉN explains. ‘Let’s ban polyester (60% of all textiles) and use PLA instead.’

Mogu will supply bio-based floor tiles and acoustic wall modules for the lounge area, produced using mycelium, the vegetative part of mushrooms. The use of these innovatively circular materials will demonstrate the unprecedented opportunities that emerge when you commit to partnering with nature. ‘We feel grateful for this chance to contribute to the realisation of the Netherlands’ pavilion,’ says Mogu CEO Stefano Babbini. ‘This collaboration is both a great honour and a great responsibility. It allows us to present our unique innovations on a resonant international stage, while contributing to a globally beneficial impact.’

Impression of the floor tiles & acoustic wall modules, this is not the final design.

Showcase of sustainability and circularity
These innovations, which make the pavilion a true showcase of sustainability and circularity, will enable millions of visitors to experience the Netherlands’ expertise in uniting water, energy and food.

‘We’re extremely proud to announce these innovations, some of which will be applied for the first time at the Netherlands pavilion,’ said Dutch commissioner-general for Expo 2020 Dubai Hans Sandee. ‘They help reduce our ecological footprint and show us how we can use materials in other ways.’

More information
The doors of the Netherlands’ pavilion will open at the start of Expo 2020 Dubai on 1 October 2021. The pavilion is located in the Sustainability District.

Read more about the smart solutions showcased in the pavilion.

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