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'Welkom'! This is where you get to catch a glimpse of our Dutch Biotope. Here’s how we unite water, energy and food solutions for a happier and greener planet. Have a look below if you’re in for an unseen sensory experience. Enjoy!


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EXPO thematic week: Climate and Biodiversity Week

3 October - 9 October

EXPO enquiry: How do we work together to better manage climate change and protect biodiversity?

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EXPO thematic week: Space Week

17 October - 23 October

EXPO enquiry: How do we safely and productively explore new frontiers?

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EXPO thematic week: Urban and Rural Development Week

31 October - 6 November

How do we live and grow in harmony with our planet?

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National Day

3 November

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There’s always something going on at the Dutch pavilion!

News Highlight

Expo 2020 opens Sustainability Pavilion

We had the honour to have a first glimpse of the Sustainability Pavilion “Terra”, right next to our Netherlands Pavilion. The pavilion sets an example for sustainable building design. Built to be net-zero for both energy and water, it features 1,055 photovoltaic panels arranged on a 130-metre-wide roof canopy and atop a series of ‘Energy Trees’.
Terra will remain in legacy as a Science Centre that will inspire sustainable choices for generations to come.

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